5 cosas por las que ha merecido la pena estar vivo esta semana (23)





«No me arrepiento», el último single de Bravo Fisher!






La obra de Stéphanie Saadé «False twins» (2014)





Lo último de Cariño: «Mierda seca».





La entrevista de Adam Morgan a Marlon James sobre su nueva novela Black Red Wolf para Longreads. Aquí.



Un extracto:


«I grew up having no snobbery about literature, because I read whatever was available, whatever was in the dime store, whatever was dumped into third world countries. It could be Little House in the Big Woods. It could be The Railway Children. Sometimes it was Leon Uris or James Clavell. Other times it was The Secret Garden.


But the stuff that made me really feel electrified was comics. First it was Superman and Batman — but more Batman, because Superman was absolutely awful. Later on, X-Men and Spider-man. Marvel comics more than DC, because the Marvel characters were nerds and geeks as well. I wasn’t going to get bitten by a radioactive spider, but Lord knows I wanted to.»




La performance de Judd Morrissey y Abraham Avnisan «My Gorge» para la ELO 2018 (Montreal, Canadá), una experiencia geo espacial de texto y poéticas.