#5cosas por las que ha merecido la pena estar vivo esta semana (64)



El tema «Dime que sí», de Los Trashi.



La obra de Mark Adams «Swimmer» (2017).




La instalación de Iván Argote en Salton Sea (Coachella Valley) «A point of view» (2019).




La canción «With closed eyes», de Shannon Wright, incluida en su álbum Over the sun (2004).





El poema «In such a way that», de Eric Pankey.

Dice así:

«Winter ends with a miscellany’s logic: a leaden horizon,

A narrow but unbridgeable distance.
Stolen moments are exchanged for isolated hours,
Elaborate entanglements, a lodging.
One’s suitable room fulfills a double assignment
As a stage and shelter. The heady pollen of stargazer lilies
Covers the bureaus, the desktop, and end tables.
Beyond the window, the sacred mountain
Is depleted of snow. On a frequency
At the far end of the dial, one can hear
Vespers, and recall the little Latin one learned long ago,
Knowing even then it would come in handy»