#5cosas por las que ha merecido la pena estar vivo esta semana (74)



El artículo de Ted Gioia «Where did the long tail  go?», publicado en su newsletter de Substack, aquí.

Un extracto:

«When I first heard people predict the rise of the Long Tail, I was amused. Not only did it seem wrong-headed, but it ran counter to everything I saw happening around me.

It pains me to say this—because the Long Tail was sold to us as an economic law that not only predicted a more inclusive era of prosperity, but would especially help creative people. According to its proponents, the Long Tail would revitalize our culture by expanding the scope of the arts and giving a boost to visionaries on the fringes of society.

Alternative voices would be nurtured and flourish. Music would get cooler and more surprising. Books would become more diverse and interesting. Indie films would reach larger audiences. Etc. etc. etc.

Hey, what’s not to like?

But it never happened. More to the point, it was never going to happen because the story was a fairy tale. I knew it back then because I had been hired on a number of occasions to analyze the Long Tail myself. But the flaws in the reasoning are far more obvious today, even to me.

Nonetheless many believed it—and many still do. So it’s worth digging into the story of the Long Tail, and examining exactly why it never delivered its promise.

And maybe we can find some alternative pathway to that lost cultural renaissance by seeing how this one went off the rails.»



La conferencia de Fernando Castro Florez «Vendedores de humo. El precio del arte vacío» para la TEDxNebrija.





El nuevo podcast «Informe de los bosques» de Podium Podcast, dirigido por Jaime Rodríguez Z., aquí, y donde se describe y comenta situaciones relacionadas con la enfermedad mental.



El tema «Contra mi generación», de Biznaga.



La obra de Francesco Jodice  «Weird Tales, #004, Alicante» (2001).