Mientras tantoThoughts from the night shift (I)

Thoughts from the night shift (I)

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El ruido llegaba a nosotros de fuera:

metálica detonación,

nativa, sin duda, de nuestros

acallados suburbios.

Sylvia Plath: «Night shift».




Lay down, lay down
Every muscle, vein and bone
Answers to that endless drone
I can hear my old machine
Still running even in my dreams


So close your eyes, you can close your eyes, it’s all right.
I don’t know no love songs and I can’t sing the blues anymore.
But I can sing this song and you can sing this song when I’m gone.



Now that it’s late and I see things so clearly
Must be something I can do
I feel like calling but it’s much too early for you



Baby if you can hear me 
Turn down your radio 
There’s just one thing 
I want you to know 
When you’ve been near me 
I’ve felt the love stirring in my soul 



I wish you would 
I wish you would 
Come pick me up 
Take me out 
Fuck me up 
Steal my records 
Screw all my friends 
They’re all full of shit 
With a smile on your face 



Tie my traveling shoes 
Tie my traveling shoes 
Tie my traveling shoes 
Give me something I can use 
Won’t you tie my traveling shoes 



We met on the front porch
Fell in love on the phone
Without the physical wreck

You gave me the necklace
That used to hang
Around your mothers neck

We questioned religions
Fed bread to the pigeons
We learned how to pray


I can always trace it back
To that night in Minneapolis
Here on the seventh floor in a room I can’t call mine
Deadbolt on the door, do not disturb sign
Shaking and trembling
On the clean white linen
Slivers of starlight across the ceiling



Singing songs out on May Square

There’s holly and ivy out on the doorstep

I’m coming home but I feel so alone

I never did do all the things I said I would


Past is a different person to me

See all these shadows walking with me

Christmas my sister do you see me?

One ran away, do you recognize me?



Last night I dreamed
You walked down the aisle
Your smile was as wide as a mile
You looked lovely as ever, any time I’ve recalled
Your eyes couldn’t even look at mine

Only to awaken to find I’m not mistaken
You were someone else’s bride



The last time I walked with her
Her laughter was the steeple bells
That ring to greet the morning sun
A voice that called to everyone
To love the ground she walked upon
Those were good day.



It’s being in the dark that makes me so paranoid,
It’s the feeling of a sort that just won’t stay inclined enough.

But I can’t touch you where you are,
There you stood dressed up like Nebraska,
Plain as day.



And I’d give the world if it were mine
To let these memories slip my mind
And wake up next to you one more time
One more time.



I love the way that screen door catches, 
A stranger with a pack of matches,
And starting out when I don’t know the way,

And every once in a while, the feeling of beauty
Catches my heart, runs right through me. 
If you don’t mind, I’ll stay on another couple of days.
If it’s alright with you, I’ll stay on another couple of days.

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