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Winston Churchill who got so many things wrong but who had a sterling gift for rising to the occasion certainly got it right when he said ‘Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried.’ In general people vote the same way they choose a film to see – it is not an intellectual process but rather an emotional one that can also be driven by an often unattractive but nevertheless significant herd instinct. A thrilling version of this phenomenon was the Barack Obama victory in 2008. A somewhat more disheartening example was yesterday’s massive win by candidates belonging to Spain’s Partido Popular.


Without studying the history and evolution of what is now the current economic crisis in Spain (and in most other countries, all of them tied together like a nervous mountain climbing team) the voters found it more convenient and satisfying to blame those who had the bad luck of being there when it happened. This happens in many countries and though emotionally understandable it does not speak well for the intelligence quotient of the average voter. But so it goes. The tasty Mediterranean element in Spain’s elections yesterday was the huge victory by many candidates under indictment for corruption. The Camps fellow in Valencia with the odd and rather kinky rear-end requirements when ordering trousers could have been played deliciously by Alberto Sordi in the good old days.


On a more positive note Terrence Malick’s ‘The Tree of Life’ won the Palme d’Or in Cannes on the very same day. Perhaps the best filmmaker alive today who still paints on a broad canvas, who has not yet succumbed to the paired-down, indie digital world other artisan directors are forced to work in. The man just forges ahead, and though this film will not be a big moneymaker commercially, it will probably turn a modest profit and, most importantly, there it is, made, about to be distributed, a glorious and intimate addition to the man’s extraordinary oeuvre. For those of us living in the Western world, inured from the privations besetting so many areas in the rest of the world, all of us part of a world that none of us asked to be born into – these are the things to celebrate and to keep one’s mind focused on. Elections and politicians come and go, ars longa, vita brevis.


  1. The greatest thing about
    The greatest thing about democracy is that anyone may freely opine on Spanish politics and – surprise! – insult the voters’ intelligence, while conveniently glossing over the Socialist Party’s much more serious corruption cases.

    • That was fast! I stand

      That was fast! I stand corrected on your latter point – the corruption charges are many and shared by virtually all of the main parties – you are correct – and for this I partly blame the parliamentary system (I prefer directly electing individuals rather than slates of candidates chosen by party leaders) and the gross and paternalistic system of public subvenciones that control so many lives and stifle competition and are the main ballywick of the PSOE. As for the intelligence of the average voter, in ALL democracies, I stand by my original statement.  Gracias

  2. ‎1- Francisco Camps (PP),
    ‎1- Francisco Camps (PP), Valencia, IMPUTADO Caso Gürtel
    2- Ricardo Costa (PP), Valencia, IMPUTADO Caso Gürtel.
    3- Xicu Tarres (PSOE), Baleares IMPUTADO Caso Eivissa.
    4- Francisco Cuenca (PSOE), Granada, IMPUTADO Caso Morelábor
    5- Carlos Penit …(IU), Pinto – Madrid IMPUTADO Cohecho.
    6- Ferrán Falcó (CIU), Barcelona, IMPUTADO caso Adigsa.
    7- Jesús Machín (C. Canaria), Canarias, IMPUTADO Operación ?Unión?.
    8- Marc Moreno (ERC), Vilaller – Lleida, IMPUTADO corrupción urbanística.
    9- Antonio Rodrigo Torrijos (IU), IMPUTADO Caso Mercasevilla.
    10- Raimundo González (BNG), Pontevedra, IMPUTADO caso Naturgalia
    11- Jose Manuel Traba (PP), Fisterra Galicia, IMPUTADO Operacion Orquesta
    12- Jose Manuel Santos (PP) Mazaricos Galicia,IMPUTADO Operacion Orquesta
    13- Jose Antonio Cacabelos (PSOE), O Grove – Galicia, IMPUTADO diversos delitos.
    14- Juan Jose Diaz Valiño (PSOE) -IMPUTADO caso Castro de Rei
    15- Rafael Gómez (Unión Cordobesa), Córdoba, IMPUTADO caso Malaya
    16- Esteve Ferrán (UTpS), Salou Tarragona, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    17- Antoni Banyeres (NSP), Salou Tarragona IMPUTADO delitos varios.
    18- Ignacio García de Vinuesa (PP) (Alcobendas)
    19- Jose Ignacio Fernández Rubio (PP) (Las Rozas)
    20- Miguel Rodríguez Bonilla (PP), Guadarrama Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    21- Miriam Rabaneda (PP) Pinto Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    22- Luis Partida (PP) Villanueva de la Cañada Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    23- Clara Torres (PP) Torres de la Alameda Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    24- Raúl López (PP) Coslada Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    25- Íñigo Henríquez de Luna (PP) Madrid
    26- Trinidad Rollán (PSOE), Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    27- Carmen Toledano (PSOE), Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    28- Cristina González (PSOE), Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    29- Jose Joaquin Ripoll (PP), Alicante Valencia, IMPUTADO caso Brugal.
    30- Carlos Fabra (PP), Castellón Valencia, IMPUTADO caso Fabra
    31- Mariano Arévalo (PSOE) Carabaña Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    32- José Miguel Govantes (PSOE) Pinto Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    33- Carmen Toledano (PSOE) Galapagar Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    34- María Isabel Peces-Barba (PSOE) Colmenarejo Madrid, IMPUTADO delitos varios
    35- José I Fernández (PP), Las Rozas Madrid, IMPUTADO delito contra la ordenación del territorio
    36- Miguel Rodríguez (PP), Guadarrama Madrid, IMPTADO prevaricación
    37- Ignacio García de Vinuesa (PP) , Alcobendas Madrid, IMPUTADO malversación, prevaricación y negociaciones prohibidas
    38- Clara Torre (PP), Torres de la Alameda Madrid, IMPUTADA malversación
    39- Miriam Rabaneda (PP,) Pinto Madrid, IMPUTADA prevaricación
    40- Raúl López Coslada (PP), Madrid, IMPUTADO prevaricación
    41- Luis Partidad (PP), Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, IMPUTADO tráfico de influencias
    42- Ana María Pinos Belmonte de Tajo (PP) IMPUTADO delito contra la ordenación del territorio
    43- Ángel García Guadalix de la Sierra Madrid (PP), IMPUTADO negociaciones prohibidas
    44- Íñigo Henríquez de Luna (PP), Madrid, IMPUTADO tráfico de influencias
    46- Mariano Arévalo González Carabaña Madrid PSOE condenado por no presentar las cuentas municipales en los ultimos 10 años, etc.
    47- José Miguel Govantes (PSOE)Alcorcón Madrid, IMPUTADO condenado por acoso laboral
    48- Natalia de Andrés (PSOE) Alcorcón Madrid, IMPUTADA y condenada por un delito de injurias contra el portavoz popular
    49- Isabel Peces-Barba (PSOE) Martínez Madrid, IMPUTADO prevaricación
    50- María del Carmen Toledano Rico (PSOE) Madrid, IMPUTADO prevaricación
    51- Cristina González (PSOE) Getafe Madrid, IMPUTADO prevaricación
    52- José María Fraile Parla (PSOE) Madrid PSOE prevaricación
    53- Manuel González Rojo (PSOE) San Fernando de Henares Madrid , IMPUTADO prevaricación
    54- Hans Antón Bock Galapagar (PSOE) Madrid IMPUTADO prevaricación
    55- Jesús Dionisio (PP) Madrid, IMPUTADO prevaricación y tráfico de influencias


    Jesús Javier García García (UPyD) Seseña Toledo, IMPUTADO por cohecho EXCLUIDO por su partido.

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